Month: May 2024

Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Space

Choosing the right office space is a major decision that every business has to make; whether it is for establishing a new presence or expanding due to company growth.  Barron Collier Commercial holds multiple commercial properties all having the opportunity to become the perfect office location for any business type. However, before looking at properties […]

Written by Barron Collier Commercial on May 21, 2024

Emerging Trends in Commercial Real Estate for 2024: A Look Into the Future

The commercial real estate landscape is in a state of constant evolution, influenced by technological advancements, economic changes, and shifting societal trends. In 2024, several emerging trends are shaping the industry, paving the way for innovative approaches to development and management. Barron Collier Companies (BCC) commercial real estate division explores some key trends driving this […]

Written by Barron Collier Commercial on May 13, 2024